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Neighbourhood Watch - Bulletin October 2012

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Community Police Center Officer (CPCO)

Our Community Police Center (CPC) Officer, Cst. Lori Fahey, is leaving us. She has been transferred to the CPC in Kanata. Cst. Fahey has done a fantastic job supporting our community and she will be missed. Replacing her will be Cst. Jeff Kostuch who can be reached at:

Bayshore Community Police Center
98 Woodridge Crescent
Ottawa, Ontario
613-236-1222 x2345

Crime Statistics

Our Neighbourhood Watch program seems to be working! Despite a number of criminal incidents reported in areas surrounding the Lincoln Heights-Parkway Community over the summer months, I am happy to report that the Crime Mapping Tool located on the Ottawa Police website indicated that there were no reported crimes for our neighbourhood.

Currently however, there are patterns of criminal activity that have been identified in areas peripheral to our community related to both the sale of crack and prostitution. There is cause for concern as a little over a year ago I reported to police what I believed to be prostitution operating out of the Regina Public School parking lot. Given that there are police investigations underway into these crimes, and that crime has no borders, we need to remain observant and report immediately any suspicious activity to the police. Working together will ensure illegal activity does not occur in our neighbourhood.

Across the city, home invasions and personal swarmings are on the rise — up 34% this year over last, so please take the appropriate measures to safeguard yourself and your family members against these types of crimes. Keeping your doors locked even when you are home, or using discretion when operating electronic devices while in public places are just some of the proactive steps you can take. Most importantly, always be aware of your surroundings!

Crime Prevention

I spoke with the folks at the Bayshore CPC and I have been advised that everyone who expressed an interest in having a Home Security Inspection has been contacted. Anyone who hasn't had an inspection but would like one, please contact any one of the following individuals:

Watch Coordinator

Cori Bourgon, 2555 Regina Street, 613-219-6887

Block Captains

Suzanne Gauthier, 185 Lincoln Heights Road, 613-768-9546
Mike Thompson, 139 Lincoln Heights Road, 613-829-4518
Breda Kelly, 120 Lincoln Heights Road, 613-721-6939

CPC Officer

Cst. Jeff Kostuch, Bayshore CPC, 236-1222 x2345

There are additional community crime prevention initiatives in our area that you might be pleased to know about. Firstly, the Eva Taylor community is about to launch its own Neighbourhood Watch which will include the houses running along Regina Lane, on the south side of Regina Street. Additionally, the Voyageur apartment building is a member of the Ottawa Crime Free Multi-Housing Program (CFMHP) which is a program that is designed to help owners, managers, residents and police work together to keep illegal and nuisance activity out of rental communities through various crime prevention tactics including a comprehensive screening process for its tenants.

Neighbourhood Watch Membership

In order to get Neighbourhood Watch signage we need 50% enrollment, which is equivalent to approximately 55 houses, but we only have 33 homes registered at this time. I will be speaking to this issue at the November Annual General Meeting that will be announced shortly by the Lincoln Heights-Parkway Community Association. If we can attain a 50% enrollment, two Neighbourhood Watch signs can be ordered and erected to the east and west entrances of Lincoln Heights Rd.

The only role of a Watch Member is to look out for your own best interest and those of your family and neighbours by:

  • Remaining alert to any suspicious activity and reporting it promptly to the police and block captain
  • Keeping your own home secure
  • Monitoring your neighbours' homes during their absence

so please consider registering to become a Neighbourhood Watch member. Your support is vital to the success of our Watch program. A Neighbourhood Watch Membership Registration Form has been attached to this bulletin for those of you who are not currently a member but would like to register. Just fill it out, call or email me and I will happily come and pick it up. You can even leave it in your mailbox and I can retrieve it there. In the alternative, registration forms will also be made available at the November AGM.

Halloween Safety


The Ottawa Police Service offers this website for advice and safety tips to support a happy and safe Halloween for our community.


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NOTE: Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Personal information on this form is collected under the authority of the Police Services Act s.41 and will be used to registered with the Neighbourhood Watch Program. Questions about this collection of personal information should be directed to the Ottawa Police Service Community Police Center nearest you.

Please return this form to your Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator or the Bayshore Community Police Centre at 98 Woodridge Crescent, Ottawa, or to your Watch Coordinator, Cori Bourgon, 2555 Regina Street.