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Neighbourhood Watch
Bulletin 2012-01-24

Update on Crime

Happy New Year everyone! There has been some crime activity in the past week or so that is worthy of reporting. To begin with, someone attempted to steal a vehicle out of the owner's laneway (Regina Street) in the overnight hours of Thursday, 19 January 2012. Fortunately, a kill-switch had been installed in the vehicle so the attempt to steal the car failed. Unfortunately, the vehicle sustained damage as a result. Additionally, someone attempted to break in to a neighbour's home (Richlin Cres) on Wednesday 18 January during the day. Thankfully, it was thwarted by the homeowner. Both occurrences have been reported to the police. Please remain vigilant.

Crime Statistics

Neighbourhood map illustrating crime statistics in January; see text for details.

The following is a map of Lincoln Heights-Parkway and neighbouring communities. It is a snapshot of crime that has been reported during the period 23 December 2011 to 22 January 2012. The map illustrates crime statistics over the past month which can be summarized as follows:

In the Lincoln Heights-Parkway Community:

  • 1 attempted theft of vehicle
  • 1 attempted break & enter
  • 1 assault
  • 2 thefts from vehicles

In Lincoln Heights-Parkway Community and surrounding areas:

  • 3 vehicle thefts/attempted thefts
  • 3 break & enters/attempted break & enters
  • 3 assaults
  • 4 thefts from vehicles

Door to Door Scam

You have likely already heard through some form of media that there are people going door to door in neighbourhoods around the city asking to be let in under the pretence of checking the water tank.

Please remember that if anyone comes to your door and wants in, but has not first made an appointment, treat it as suspicious and don't let them in — and if they get aggressive, call the police!

Home Security Inspection Program

A detective.

A number of people in our community expressed an interest in having a Home Security Inspection done which is offered as part of the Ottawa Police Service's Crime Prevention Program. About a dozen people or so have signed up for it so far. The inspection does not cost anything. My family took advantage of it and in early January, our home underwent a Home Security Inspection. Two volunteers with the Bayshore CPC inspected both the exterior and interior of our home, suggesting ways in which we might improve the overall security of our property. The entire process took approximately 30 minutes. The majority of suggested improvements will result in little or no cost to implement. The CPC volunteers found improvements ranging from trimming back the front trees and back hedges, to reinforcing the doors with larger hinge screws and adding deadbolts, to installing a security system. All of these security improvements are offered as suggestions and can be incorporated in whole or in part as time and finances permit. A good example of one of the security concerns our inspection revealed was a large key hook for our car, shed and house keys hanging in plain sight of the windowed front door making it easy for would-be thieves to help themselves to our property. We have now moved the keys out of sight. We'd like to thank Mr. Jeremy Daniels and Mr. Alex Cyr for volunteering their time to help us make our home more secure. If you are interested in having a home security inspection done just call the Bayshore CPC office located at 98 Woodridge Crescent, (613) 236-1222 x2345.

Crime Prevention Strategy Suggestions

In order to improve the overall effort to prevent crime in our neighbourhood, a member of our community suggested that it might be a good idea to catalogue video cameras that community homeowners currently have installed on their respective properties. I think it's a good suggestion, however, maybe not all of you feel that way. So it is suggested that if you do have a camera and want to share that information with your Neighbourhood Watch, contact one of the following individuals to let them know:

Block Captains:

It's a good idea to know who has a camera because in the future, it may provide clues for police when they are attempting to solve crime in our neighbourhood. However, it is not a good idea to publicize this kind of information as it may expose individuals as targets for vandals and others. So it is suggested that the information remain with the Block Captains and Coordinator.

If any of you have additional crime prevention suggestions you'd like our community to consider, feel free to communicate it to a block captain or the watch coordinator.

Life-threatening Emergency or Crime in Progress
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