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Neighbourhood Watch
Bulletin 2011-12-07

Update on Break and Enters

We are happy to report that Neighbourhood Watch works! Thanks to the combined efforts of a vigilant member of our community and the quick response of the Ottawa Police Service an individual was caught while in the midst of robbing the home of one of our neighbours. The following is an update from our Community Police Officer, Constable Lori Fahey:

All of the break and enters seem to be happening during the day and the method of entry appears to be smashing a window. On a very positive note: an arrest has been made and charges have been laid! This person may be responsible for more than one of the incidents as the method of entry and location are so similar.
There is of course, more than one person out there committing this type of offence. While it is good to have information about these incidents, just because the method of entry was smashing windows or an arrest was made, does not mean we should not secure our doors and remain vigilant. Please encourage your members to consider a home security inspection and additional preventative measures (alarm systems, etc). As always, Neighbourhood Watch is certainly a good resource to identify suspicious persons and behaviour to Police. Crime Prevention is key and we can work together to make our community less desirable for these types of incidents.

The Home Security Inspection program referred to by Cst. Fahey is simple to take advantage of. Just send an email or telephone any of the following Neighbourhood Watch representatives if you are interested in having one done. The Watch Coordinator will then arrange to have someone from the Ottawa Police contact you to organize a visit to your home to provide you with a free safety audit/assessment.

Block Captains:

  • Suzanne Gauthier, 185 Lincoln Heights Road, 613-768-9546
  • Mike Thompson, 139 Lincoln Heights Road, 613-829-4518
  • Breda Kelly, 120 Lincoln Heights Road, 613-721-6939
  • Ed Exley, #209-1275 Richmond Road, 613-596-0126

  • Watch Coordinator: Corinne Bourgon, 2555 Regina Street, Ottawa, 613-219-6887

The Watch Coordinator already has a list of members of the community who have expressed an interest in getting a Home Security Inspection. The list has been forwarded to the Bayshore Community Police Centre at 98 Woodridge Cres. A representative of the Ottawa Police Service should be in touch with each of you shortly.

Update on Theft from Vehicles

Our Association President, Julia Goodman, attended Mark Taylor's town hall meeting on 23 November 2011. The following is what she was advised:

Chief White was at Mark Taylor's town hall Wednesday evening. He talked about crime overall being down in Ottawa, but an increase in theft from vehicles throughout the city (even he has been a victim). He says it is strongly linked to addiction. He talked of the police service's priorities being addiction, mental health and youth, all of which are linked to theft from vehicles, but particularly addiction.

 Christmas Crime Prevention Tips

Dr. Seuss's Grinch

'Tis the season to be jolly - and cautious! Few things can ruin our Christmas spirit faster than being the victim of a crime. The following home and vehicle safety strategies will help to ensure you enjoy your holiday.

Vehicle Safety

  • Criminals do not need encouragement so please don't leave parcels in plain view in your vehicle. If you have to keep packages in your car, leave them in your trunk and make sure that you lock your vehicle.
  • Do not leave store receipts with the items you buy. If your packages are stolen, the thief can attempt to return the item to the store for a cash reimbursement.
  • If you have guests staying over make sure they remove all valuables from their car and that they lock it.
  • All valuables removed cardIf you use an "All Valuables Removed" card, it can act as a prompt to remind you to remove your valuables and lock your car. If you don't have one, just call one of the Neighbourhood Watch representatives and they will arrange to get one to you.

Home Safety

  • This time of year we tend to be out more than usual shopping and visiting friends and family. So remember to lock all your doors and windows and set your alarm (if you have one). If you are away for an extended period of time, let one or more of your neighbours know so they can collect your mail. Set your lights on timers.
  • Try not to openly display your tree and gifts in the front window as it tempts criminals to smash and grab. Consider using empty gift wrapped boxes under your tree and keep the real gifts stored away in a less conspicuous part of your home.
  • When discarding your boxes and packages on garbage day, turn them inside out so that you are not enticing potential thieves.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And don't forget - if you see something, make the call! And let your Neighbourhood Watch folks know what you've reported! Peace and goodwill to all of you!

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