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Neighbourhood Watch

Welcome to the Lincoln Heights-Parkway Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is a program to help neighbours watch out for neighbours. The program is designed to get all of us involved in discouraging and preventing crime. The Ottawa Police Service supports our efforts to keep our neighbourhood safe by teaching us how to:

  • make our homes less inviting as a target for thieves through a Home Security Program;
  • participate in Operation Identification, an engraving program to mark our valuables; and
  • recognize and report suspicious activity in our neighbourhood

Our community started a watch program around the same time the Lincoln Heights-Parkway Community Association was created. In response to both an escalation of crime concerns expressed by members of our community and a subsequent email that was circulated by our community President, Julia Goodman, a meeting was held with our Community Police Center (CPC) Officer, Cst. Lori Fahey, to discuss avenues and opportunities to increase activity and awareness in our Neighbourhood Watch Program. At the Annual General Meeting held on 5 November 2011, an information session was given and the current Neighbourhood Watch Program contacts were introduced. At the conclusion of the meeting, a number of new registrations were received. We currently have 34 households registered as Watch Members, and four Block Captains. Ten community members expressed an interest in the Home Security Program.

As a Watch Member, your only role is to look out for your own interests and those of your neighbours. You can do this by:

  • remaining alert to any suspicious activity and reporting it promptly to police and your Block Captain
  • keeping your own home secure
  • monitoring your neighbours' homes during their absence
  • attending Watch meetings

If you haven't already registered as a Watch Member and would like to, please contact any Block Captain or the Watch Coordinator.

Your current Neighbourhood Watch complement consists of:

Block Captains:

Suzanne Gauthier, 185 Lincoln Heights Road, 613-768-9546
Mike Thompson, 139 Lincoln Heights Road, 613-829-4518
Breda Kelly, 120 Lincoln Heights Road, 613-721-6939


  • welcome new neighbours, inform them about the program and invite them to join
  • set an example by adopting appropriate home security measures and being a good neighbor
  • maintain an accurate list of members within his/her area of responsibility and advise the Coordinator of changes as they occur
  • report incidents of crime or attempted crime to the Coordinator after ensuring the police have been alerted
  • disseminate information on criminal activity, crime status, crime prevention tips, etc. to Watch Members in his/her area of responsibility
  • communicate the concerns of Watch members to the Coordinator

Watch Coordinator:

Corinne Bourgon, 2555 Regina Street, 613-219-6887


  • Maintain close contact with and inform Neighbourhood Watch Program Volunteer of any criminal activities
  • arrange for an alternate Coordinator in her absence
  • organize general meetings of the Watch and meetings with the Block Captains as required
  • disseminate information on crime stats, crime prevention tips etc. to the Watch Members via Block Captains
  • attend meetings of the quarterly Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators Association (NWCA) or arrange an alternate
  • provide CPC an updated Watch membership list annually

Over the next couple of weeks a series of communications will be issued jointly by your Block Captains and the Watch Coordinator via the Lincoln Heights-Parkway Community Association website as well as by hand to those Watch Members who do not subscribe to an internet service. The communications will include:

  • an update on our Neighbourhood Watch membership
  • how to recognize and report suspicious activity and why it's important to report
  • crime prevention tips to consider during the upcoming holiday season
  • crime statistics for our community and information on crime prevention tools
  • arrangements for participation in the Home Security Program

On behalf of the Watch Coordinator, Block Captains and the Bayshore CPC, welcome to the Lincoln Heights-Parkway Neighbourhood Watch Program!

Bayshore Community Police Center
98 Woodridge Cres
613-236-1222 Ext. 2345

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