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Community Issues - Parkway House

A public meeting on the proposed redevelopment of Parkway House

Community meeting.

A public meeting arranged by Bay Ward counsellor Alex Cullen and the board of directors of Parkway House was held at the Ron Kolbus Community Centre at Lakeside Gardens on April 1, 2010.

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A letter to the Community Association

April 3, 2010


Thank you to those who were able to make it the meeting April 1. The presentation made by James McLaren, Chair of the Board of Parkway House and the host of the meeting, will be provided in electronic form next week and I will pass it along.

The meeting was successful in that we now have a more general understanding of the financial situation of Parkway House and how its Board views its options. Members of our community were also able to air their support of Parkway House and its residents, their willingness to work with the Board to be part of the solution to its issues, and their concerns regarding the development it is proposing. The meeting was effective in that all views had a chance to be heard and understood.

The Board of Parkway House has agreed to continue the conversation and to consider working with the LHPCA to arrive at a better solution to its funding issues.

The agreed-on next steps are: the Board of Parkway House will re-consider its forward path and get back to me; James McLaren (chair of the Parkway House Board) and I will meet with our MLA, Bob Chiarelli, to raise the issue of funding.

Below are links to the media coverage the issue has engendered.

Julia Goodman
President, Lincoln Heights-Parkway Community Association