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DRAFT - Minutes of the 2016 AGM

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DRAFT - Minutes of the 2016 AGM

October 29th, 2016

The Lincoln Heights-Parkway Community Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held starting at 2:00 p.m. on October 29, 2016 at the Ron Kolbus Centre, Ottawa, Ontario..


In total, an estimated 20 residents of the Lincoln Heights-Parkway community were in attendance at the AGM, including the following members of the current Executive Committee:

  • Julia Goodman (President)
  • JR Fortin (Vice-President)
  • Annie Boucher (Director)
  • Kelly Folz (Membership Coordinator)
  • Tara Garcia (Secretary)
  • Julie Matthews (Treasurer)


Julia welcomed residents to the meeting and reminded attendees that the Lincoln Heights-Parkway Community Association was established in 2009 and has a strong, engaged Executive Committee who represents the community on City-related issues. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held once per year to discuss community issues and obtain guidance from residents on those issues. Julia introduced each of the members of the Executive Committee and announced that Mark Taylor would arrive later in the afternoon and the order of agenda items would be adjusted accordingly. She noted that this would be an important meeting given the number of issues potentially impacting the community.


Julia reviewed the proposed agenda for the meeting and a motion to adopt the agenda was made by Ethel Snider and seconded by Kathy Momtahan. All were in favour.


The minutes of the October 3, 2015 Annual General Meeting were approved as presented. The motion to accept was made by Suzanne Gauthier and seconded by Julie Matthews.



JR provided attendees with an update related to the light rail transit (LRT) expansion that will impact the community. The following points were highlighted:

  • There is currently a wealth of information available on the City website and still more information to come.
  • JR has been pleased with the City's approach to consultation so far. The meetings have been open to all and have been informal, working sessions. Input is being heard and reflected in subsequent plans.
  • New walking paths will be constructed though the exact details of where these will be have not yet been communicated.
  • The community's position that the current access situation is not acceptable (hills, etc) has been communicated and should be addressed.
  • While buses have not yet been included in the drawings, they will likely be a part of the plan as well.

Councillor Mark Taylor shared his perspective regarding the LRT when he arrived later in the meeting with the following points being relevant:

  • This section of the LRT is expected to be completed sometime between 2018 and 2023 and the build is expected to take two years. It is unclear exactly when within the broad timeframe the Lincoln Heights area will be affected.
  • In relation to the walking paths, a "connectivity study" is being conducted to formalize the "desire lines" (the beaten paths that people use). The City is also looking for options to buy land that they currently do not own to ensure they are part of this connectivity.
  • City Council's goal is to obtain the green light and funding from the provincial and federal governments to have the LRT go further West, beyond Bayshore. Focus to date has been further in the East due to higher ridership. There is an agreement in place with the federal government to have an environmental assessment done from Bayshore to Kanata.
  • It was also noted that a new transit bus station is being built at Corkstown and it is convertible to rail if required in the future.


JR noted that the section of Richmond Road from Golden Avenue in Westboro to the bridge over the parkway near the Lincoln Heights neighbourhood will be transformed to a “complete street” at the same time as the LRT expansion work is being done. The following points were noted during the discussion:

  • Churchill Street was transformed into a "complete street" and has been a success.
  • The section of Richmond Road indicated above is the same section that will be ripped up as part of the LRT expansion so it is logical to do it at that time.
  • The section of Richmond Road closest to Lincoln Heights / Britannia may be completed when it is time for the sewers to be replaced, etc. This will be at a later date.
  • A "complete street" is one that is designed for multiple uses e.g. for pedestrians, cyclists, cars, etc.
  • As part of this, the City is considering how best to use Richmond Road and Byron Avenue. They are considering their width, where bicycle lanes should go and may even consider a boulevard approach that would see Richmond one direction and Byron the other.
  • The intent is to improve the Richmond/Woodroffe intersection given it is currently problematic.
  • Anyone is welcome to attend upcoming meetings on this topic.


The following points were noted in relation to ongoing discussions related to the NCC Linear Park from the War Museum to Britannia Park:

  • As of this past September, the 2.4km stretch of the linear park from Woodroffe Avenue to Britannia Park is the focus of attention.
  • The overall philosophy is to end up with more 'park' and less 'way'.
  • The intention is to have a dedicated cycle path, another path for pedestrians, more shoreline park space and greater access for residents.
  • There will likely be a new parkway pedestrian crossing at Rochester Field (in The Keg Restaurant area).
  • In response to a question regarding the Riverkeeper's involvement in these potential changes and the need to ensure wildlife and the environment are protected, it was suggested her office could easily be contacted. Most felt she must already be involved.
  • It is unclear at this point whether the current number of lanes on the Parkway will be reduced.
  • There has been no mention to date of commercialization or retail becoming part of this.
  • JR explained the NCC is looking at the use of various "animations" to make use of the space e.g. parks, splash pads, etc. He asked that those with examples of "animations" that have worked in other areas (e.g. natural parks in BC) to email pictures to JR so he can share ideas with the planners.


Annie noted that the NCC is currently looking at 12 potential sites for the new Civic Campus of the Ottawa Hospital. The NCC Board will receive the staff recommendation on a site on November 24th. The general feeling is that Lincoln Fields is not a viable option but that the Community Association will be the community voice should it be the selected option.


Julie provided an update on the review being undertaken by the Ottawa Carleton District School Board of schools in our area with the following points being noted:

  • The initial report of staff recommendations is online with one of the recommendations being that Regina School should close with current Regina students attending D. Roy Kennedy instead. It is also being recommended that Severn School would be the French immersion option for this boundary.
  • Online consultation is ongoing and an in-person meeting open to the public will be held on January 10, 2017 at Woodroffe High School.
  • If Regina does close, it is unclear what would become of the land. There have been preliminary consultations with other Boards and the City about what would happen to that land.


It was noted there have been a significant number of thefts from homes and vehicles in the community. The Community Officer told the Association that an arrest was made on October 5th of the person they believe was responsible for these thefts. Recommendations from the Officer are to:

  • Lock garages, sheds, etc.
  • Remove valuables from visibility
  • Contact police if suspicious activity is observed
  • Report online on the website under "Report a crime"

Residents were also encouraged to continue reporting suspicious activity and incidents to the Community Association so that this information can be shared with the community.


Residents discussed the noise issues from the apartment buildings at 1275-85 Richmond Road with the following important points being noted:

  • The noise goes on for hours and days at a time and is a recurring problem.
  • Impacted residents have contacted the Community Association, requested help from bylaw and talked to building management but the noise continues to be an issue
  • Dan Brunton made two proposals that he is asking the Association to endorse, as follows:
    • The City to require multi-story buildings to have appropriate rooftop sound barriers,
    • The City to make the noise by-laws more effective through adoption of Ontario environmental noise guidelines

Councillor Mark Taylor shared his perspective regarding this issue when he arrived later in the meeting with the following points being relevant:

  • Dan Brunton has been in contact with the Councillor's office regarding this issue.
  • They were successful in having building management make repairs.
  • This has been a challenge across the city. There are new standards for new buildings but not for older buildings and some of the equipment cannot be retrofitted.
  • The noise bylaw is up for review in 2017 and two years ago direction was given to City staff to include specific items in the noise bylaw including differentiating between "sustained" and "peak" noise, the source and nature of the noise (e.g. Queensway), etc.
  • When the noise bylaw goes to Committee, all information regarding what was reviewed will be included as well as best practices in other communities. Councillor Taylor committed to sending an email to staff asking them to provide information on the provincial guideline.


Residents were informed that an outdoor rink coordinator is needed for the upcoming season. Without this person, the rink cannot be operated. It was noted that the coordinator’s role is to hold the keys, etc.


Julie provided meeting attendees with an overview of the LHPCA financial situation for 2016 and the budget for 2017. Highlights are as follows:

  • The Association had $2,718 in its bank account at the beginning of 2016.
  • 67 membership fees were paid for the past year, lower than the budgeted amount.
  • Revenue also included donations of $10 and the grant from the City to maintain rink which is mostly offset by expenses.
  • Expenses were slightly lower than budget at $1,822.
  • Overall, there was a surplus of $283 in 2016 resulting in $3,001 being available for 2017.
  • The proposed budget for 2017 included the following:
    • Expected growth in membership to 75.
    • Expenses for various events through the year (Winter Follies, Summer Follies, Community Potluck and AGM) which total $280.
    • An increase in the Summer Follies budget.
    • The addition of web design services to make the website more user friendly.
    • Banking charges of $25 and a fee to the Federation of Community Associations of $30.
    • A balanced budget is projected for 2017.

A motion to accept the proposed budget was made by Julia Goodman, seconded by JR Fortin and passed.


City of Ottawa Councillor Mark Taylor joined the AGM to discuss issues of interest to residents. Mark thanked residents for taking the time to attend the meeting. Many of the topics discussed are previous agenda items and his perspective is noted in those sections of the minutes. The following additional items were discussed in detail:

  • City budget
    • The Committee process will begin after the budget is tabled on November 9th.
    • An email will go out to all community associations following the tabling of the budget.
    • Each Committee will hold hearings on its section of the budget.
    • Residents can contact Mark's office to find out how to participate in Committees.
  • Lincoln Fields Mall
    • Mark has been in touch with RioCan about the future of Lincoln Fields mall.
    • While they are in the process of developing other priority malls such as Heron and Westgate, the more they hear about the LRT, the more they are interested and they are now thinking about accelerating timeline for Lincoln Fields to next year or 2018.
    • A public information session is planned for either November 2016 or January 2017.
    • The current vision includes the following elements:
      • the current site would be levelled between Carling and Richmond;
      • retail, including Metro, Moores and Metro, would be stand-alone buildings around the perimeter of the property instead of a mall as exists today;
      • Prospective letters of intent have been signed with retailers;
      • Interior of property would be a mix of parking and green space (high premium on walkability);
      • the transit connection from parking lot to the LRT station would be easier than the current situation;
      • eventually they may put one or two residential towers on the site which would likely be rentals.
    • Commercial changes do not need to go to approvals and consultations are not required.
    • They have committed to work in partnership with the Councillor and hold community meetings to make neighbours aware of what is happening.
    • Regarding Metro, the plan is to keep Metro open as long as possible in the current mall while building a new store somewhere in the parking lot to minimize the time without a grocery store.
    • Riocan is looking to secure retail partners to fill the void left by Walmart's departure.
    • In relation to the residential component, Mark indicated there is no standard ratio of owned to rental units but that this is market driven. The City encourages mixed use communities (e.g. demography, incomes, etc.) and tries to encourage this through the planning process with the developers.

There were several other items raised during this agenda item with the salient points being as follows:

  • Street light wiring replacement along Lincoln Heights Road - the wiring for the street lights is being replaced. Some issues have been encountered and a section of the wiring will need to be installed under the surface of the road. This work is expected to be completed in the spring. (Note that subsequent to the meeting, this work was completed in November 2016.)
  • Temporary signs at the Richmond Mall - there is an ongoing issue with temporary signs being left there longer than three months e.g. Nutri-Chem sign, etc. JR has called bylaw numerous times on this topic. Mark committed to following up on this issue.
  • Red light cameras - in response to an enquiry regarding the need for additional red light cameras, Mark indicated that 17 new red light cameras have been rolled out and more are coming.

Julia thanked Mark for attending and providing information on key issues affecting our community.

Theresa Kavanagh was introduced as the school trustee and residents were invited to talk to her after the meeting regarding the school issue.


The following points were noted regarding the current members of the Executive Committee:

  • Jennifer Baldwin, Julie Matthews and JR Fortin have one year left in their terms and will be staying on in their current roles.
  • Julia Goodman's term as President is complete and she will stay on as the Past-President.
  • Tara Garcia and Kelly Folz have reached the end of their two year terms.
  • Mike Thompson will not be continuing in his role as Director.

Julia thanked Mike Thompson for his contributions to the Community Association and indicated he will be missed.

Julia indicated there are five open positions on the Executive Committee - President, Secretary, Membership Coordinator and two Director positions. She provided attendees with the nominees for open positions on the Executive Committee:

  • Annie Boucher for President
  • Tara Garcia for Secretary
  • Kelly Folz for Membership Coordinator
  • Julie Buick for Director
  • Maria Rogers for Director

The nominees were all accepted and the Committee has a full slate.


The door prize of a Rainbow Foods $75 gift certificate was won by Suzanne Gauthier.

Appreciation was extended to the sponsors of various LHPCA community events, Rainbow Foods, Starbucks and Biagios, as well as to the volunteers who see things through. A thank you was also extended to Chuck for the work he has done on the LHPCA website since the Association's inception.

A motion was made by JR Fortin to adjourn the meeting which was seconded by Annie Boucher. The meeting adjourned at 4:07 pm.