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Community Contacts

Officers - Executive Commitee

  • Annie Boucher, President
  • JR Fortin, Vice President
  • Tara Garcia, Secretary
  • Julie Matthews, Treasurer
  • Kelly Folz, Membership Coordinator
  • Jennifer Baldwin, Director
  • Julie Buick, Director
  • Maria Rogers, Director
  • Julia Goodman, Past President

Finding Us

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Our community's area of interest is bounded on the north by the Ottawa River (including all of the Mud Lake Conservation Area and the Britannia Water Purification Plant), the Ottawa River Parkway to the East, the north side of Regina lane to the south and the east side of Croydon Avenue to the West. It includes all the residences within those bounds, including the apartments of Richmond Park Square.

We are close to the Lincoln Heights Galleria, the Lincoln Fields Transitway Station and Britannia Beach and Lakeside Gardens.