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Changing Web page colours in your browser

Please note: This page is set to "High Contrast" by default. The style change buttons work on every other page of the site.

If your browser does not support JavaScript or Cookies, or you have decided to turn off the JavaScript and Cookie features of your browser then the style changer buttons on each page will not work. On this site, the Style Changer application works best if JavaScript support is enabled and requires you to accept a simple cookie to remember your style setting from session to session.

However, most browsers provide other methods for changing the font size and display colours — in fact giving you a much greater range of choice than the simple Style Changer provided here.

For example, if you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8:

  • you can quickly and easily change the size of text and images on the Web page by clicking the page zoom control that appears in the bottom right hand corner of the browser window (if the "Status Bar" is displayed — to display the Status Bar select it from the Toolbars list on the View menu). You can choose from predetermined sizes, or even set a custom enlargement.

  • you can choose almost any combination of foreground (text and links) and background colors -

    1. from the main menu, select Tools
    2. select Internet Options
    3. from the Appearance options, select Colors
    4. on the Colors menu, uncheck Use Windows colors
    5. then you can choose from unlimited colours for text, links and background
    6. when you're done, select OK to close the Colors menu

    7. then select Accessibility from the Appearance options
    8. and under the Formatting header, select Ignore colors specified on webpages
    9. the select OK to close the Accessibility Menu

    10. then select Apply and OK to accept the changes and close the Internet Options menu

Other Browsers

  • To change the default colours or font-faces, look for font and color controls in Main-menu items called "Preferences" or "Tools" or "Options".
  • To change font sizes, look for zoom or text-size controls on Main-menu items called "Page" or "View".
  • To remove or change style sheets, look for style controls on Main-menu items called "View" or "Preferences"

Not all browsers may give you such full control, but they should. If you can't find the control, try using the browser's help service. If your browser doesn't support accessibility, you should complain to the manufacturer and/or switch to a browser that does support full accessibility.