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Finding Us

Proposed border

Please note that the boundary as shown on the following map and described in the caption is not a legal boundary. It is intended only as a guideline to indicate the area of greatest interest to members of the Lincoln Heights-Parkway Community Association. We believe the area within these bounds to be essential and characteristic parts of our neighbourhood. We share this area with many other communities.

New proposed boundaries: read caption 2 for full description

Caption 1: Our community's area of interest is bounded on the north by the Ottawa River (including all of the Mud Lake Conservation Area and the Britannia Water Purification Plant), the Ottawa River Parkway to the East, the north side of Regina lane to the south and the east side of Croydon Avenue (including Regina Street School, Lincoln Heights Park, and the western boundary of Mud Lake Conservation Area) to the West. It includes all the residences within those bounds, including the apartments of Richmond Park Square.

We are close to the Lincoln Heights Galleria, the Lincoln Fields Transitway Station, Britannia Beach and Lakeside Gardens.

Finding Us

The following is a "live" street-level map of our neighbourhood provided by Google Maps.

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The small map show the main streets that comprise our community: Richmond Road, Croydon Avenue, Assaly Road, Regina Lane, Regina Street, Lincoln Heights Road, Richlin Crescent and Plover Lane

For the geographically minded...

The following coordinates are close to the centre of the neighbourhood:

  • Latitude: N45°22'06" (45 degrees, 22 minutes, 6 seconds or 45.369 North Latitude)
  • Longitude: W75°47'18" (75 degrees, 47 minutes, 18 seconds or 75.788 West Longitude)
  • UTM coordinates: 18T 438261 5024186
  • We are between 60 and 70 metres (195 - 230 feet) above sea level (62 metres at the above coordinates)

Bus Routes

Here are some of the regular and Transitway bus routes that serve our neighbourhood:

  • On Richmond Road: 2, 16, 156
  • In Lincoln Heights Galeria (by the Metro entrance): ?
  • On Carling Avenue: 16, 85, 97, 151, 156
  • On Poulin Avenue (serving Britannia): 16
  • Lincoln Fields Transit Way Station : 16, 85, 86, 95, 96, 97, 111, 151, 152, 154, 156, 172, 178
    A number of "Peak" and "Express" routes also run from the Transitway Station. Visit the OC Transpo Web site for more information.

To plan bus trips, please use the OC Transpo Travel Planner .

If any of our regular bus riders have up-to-date information about our local bus service and would like to share it with the community, please contact us.